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Body to Body Massage

Body to body massages are a wonderfully intimate and sensual way for you to connect with the gorgeous personal masseuse. Luxurious Body Massages not only do you get to experience a beautiful nude masseuse caressing every inch of your body, you also receive unparalleled levels of comfort and relaxation. I am expertly trained in the most sensual and erotic body massage techniques.


A magical portal to a prodigious sensory experience embodied in an exquisite performance that combines sensual touch and seductive oriental movement, reinventing age-old mystical rites to meet today’s demands, Luxurious Body Massage is uniquely designed as a flawless fusion of fully personalised relaxation and supreme tactile delight for your absolute and unparalleled gratification.

My exclusive body to body session will make your body tremble in pure pleasure and head filled with powerful erotic endorphins. The dizzying effect of the sensual touch from me can be very powerful on both the body and mind. You need to try this session in it's full glory to really appreciate how wonderful it can be.
My massage technique is a truly erotic experience which will provide you with the utmost pleasure and relaxation. Your body will be covered in non-scented massage oil, lovingly applied by your beautiful masseuse, ready for your massage.
Tantalise, tease and rub with my naked body all over yours, first starting on your back and then moving on to your front to provide you with the ultimate, full body massage. This enables the sensual energy to slowly build intensity before finally allowing a truly overwhelming and spine tingling finale.


The Tantric Massage differs from other massages in one crucial detail: the purpose is to achieve a heightened state of physical, spiritual, and emotional enlightenment. By focusing on your breathing and muscle contractions, one of our stunning masseuses will use her entire body to stimulate your erogenous zone in one unforgettable experience. This is a fantastic option for people who need to relax and reconnect with their inner spirituality; something which is so important to our physical and emotional well-being.



Exclusive Body to Body Massage
                        Incall        Outcall
1 hour          £150          £200
1.5 hours     £220          £300
2 hours        £300          £400


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